School Year Starter Kit

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This product features a variety of resources, ranging from the reproducible daily lesson slideshow template I use to a tour of every surface and purpose within my classroom to 4 videos of me talking through my specific classroom management policy and classroom routines.

In short, it's a smorgasbord :)

What's in this Starter Kit, exactly?

Specifically, the starter kit has these files inside of it:

  • 2 editable parent letters that I use for specific purposes at the start of the school year

  • 1 editable, simple slideshow that I use to organize every lesson, every day

  • 1 video tour of my classroom, where I talk you through every wall and surface of my room and why I have them set up that way

  • 4 more videos in which I lay out my classroom management policy, classroom routines, and lesson organization slideshow.

Plus, for all of those files, there are links to Google Slides / Google Docs / Youtube versions as well. 

What specific problems can this Starter Kit help me solve?

How do I organize my lessons, both during the first week and beyond?

  • I talk through my daily lesson slideshow template and share an editable version of that slideshow.

How do I communicate my classroom management policy effectively, with both parents and students, from Day 1, and then consistently carry it out for the rest of the year?

  • I talk through my classroom management policy -- the rules, the consequences, the rationale, and how I introduce it on Day One -- and provide an editable letter home to parents that I use on the first day of school. 

  • Mega disclaimer: I hugely benefit from the thinking and resources of Michael Linsin over at; all you get in this section are my tweaks and thinking around his great work!

What other items are important for me to communicate home during the first week of school?

  • I include an editable version of my DonorsChoose letter home to parents. This is awesome to get off your list during the first week of school so you can get straight to requesting resources ASAP.

What routines will make life in my classroom better and saner?

I don't provide an exhaustive list, but I include three of my favorites:

  • Reset

  • Call to Attention (*critical*)

  • Bell is Boss

What if...

...I'm not satisfied?

Just shoot me an email: I'll refund you!

Or, if there's just something else you were hoping for, shoot me an email at the same address and let me know -- maybe it wouldn't be too hard for me to add it! life is drastically improved, and I feel a deep desire to pay you back?

C'mon now -- there's no "What if" here!


If you find it valuable, tell someone else who you think could benefit. Oh, and tell me.

...I want to buy this for my whole team / department / school?

Go ahead, you! Purchase as many copies as you'd like. If you'd like bulk pricing options, send me an email at

This product is not currently for sale.


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School Year Starter Kit

3 ratings