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Pop-Up Debate Starter Kit

Dave Stuart Jr.
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This Pay What You Want product is a smorgasbord of resources -- including editable documents, handouts, slides, and videos --  that I use to get students and teachers started with one of the lynchpins of my classroom argumentative culture: pop-up debate.

What Pop-Up Debate?

When it comes to getting kids engaged in accountable, argumentative talk, I've come up with nothing better than the pop-up debate routine. I'm sure there are tons of other strategies and routines for argument out there, but I've found none that fit so seamlessly into a variety of purposes and lessons.

Teachers I know use this strategy, or variants of it, across content areas and throughout all grade levels. (I've literally heard of lower elementary teachers using a pared down version of this to teach little ones the essentials of opinion writing and speaking.)

What's in the Starter Kit?

Here's what I've put together in the kit for you:

  • "Pop-Up Debate Teacher Tips and Tricks" (an annotated, bulleted list of my tips for using pop-up debate successfully)
  • An editable, two-page student handout (one page is a bulleted explanation of the routine; the other page is a reproducible sheet I sometimes use with my students, especially at the start of the year)
  • An editable, annotated slideshow of various slides I use in my speaking/listening debate instruction.
  • A video of me introducing a pop-up debate to students (includes a student-friendly overview of PVLEGS)
  • A video of me reviewing a sample pop-up debate assignment 
  • An uncut video of students engaging in pop-up debate, along with my annotated comments
  • A video of me pointing out problems that can arise once you get pop-up debate started.
  • A .pdf file that links to all of the items above in online formats (Google Docs, Google Slideshow, and Youtube), just in case you don't have the necessary software to view the files.
  • A .pdf article in which I explain Erik Palmer's beautifully simple PVLEGS acronym for speech delivery and apply PVLEGS to one of my 2013 speeches. 
  • A .pdf article in which I walk through the first pop-up debate of the school year (objectives, scaffolds, prior work) and explain how to get as many kids as possible past their fears of public speaking.

What's up with Pay What You Want pricing?

I use a buyer-defined pricing model (fancy!), in which you can pay as little as a buck or as much as $100 ( people have done that -- go ahead and break their record!) or more, because I want to provide access to these materials to everyone and I want to give people a chance to give back to Teaching the Core. (By "give back to Teaching the Core," I mean add date nights to my wife's and daughters' lives and books to my classroom library.)

So, pay what you think these resources are worth, OR pay what you think Teaching the Core is worth -- it's up to you, and I appreciate you simply for considering it!

What if...

...I'm not satisfied?

Just shoot me an email: I'll refund you! life is drastically improved, and, in retrospect, I decide I want to give you more money for this starter kit?

C'mon now -- there's no "What if" here!


If you feel like you should've given more, just "purchase" the product again, this time giving me whatever you feel you should have given.

...I want to buy this for my whole team / department / school?

Go ahead! Just pay me what you think is fair.

I trust my readers -- and whether you pay $1 or $10 or $20, I feel so overly compensated for the work I get to do on my blog. Thank you for making that work possible!

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Pop-Up Debate Starter Kit

18 ratings
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