Ep. 04: Ten (Or So) Things That Are Helping Right Now

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Join Dave Stuart Jr. in reflecting and growing, synthesizing and celebrating, and taking the work step by step during this most challenging of school years.

In this two hour recording (available in video or audio-only), Dave shares insights on an assortment of topics:

New insights on student motivation, such as: 

  • why the most promising avenue for helping students to value the work of learning is also the one we tend to rely upon least; 

  • what Gallagher's article of the week assignment looks like for my students and I this school year;
  • how I've run my first two pop-up debates of the school year -- what's the same, what's different;
  • the instructional method I've come to rely on amidst the demands of concurrent teaching (I'm getting much sanity from this);
  • the surprising results of an experiment in two of my classes in which I felt terrible about being boring but ended surprised by their achievement and appreciation. 

New insights on teacher morale, including:

  • how the #EducatorEncouragement project was just a copycat of a consistently successful intervention used in the belonging research;
  • what I am noticing is the #1 difference-maker in teacher morale this year, far and wide;

And other new insights that have yielded quality of life improvements I didn't expect, including:

  • the simple perspective shift that has me actually email right now (!?) and spending less time on it;
  • how the disciplines of silence and solitude have anchored my days;
  • how the discipline of simplicity is changing the way I work and play.

And for every insight I share: 

  • practical, flexible application ideas that you can take and try in your own life and practice.

"Revitalizing... encouraging... humane... hopeful" (Here's what our colleagues are saying about this recorded session)

"I REALLY appreciate your insight. I am a second year teacher and [now] I feel like I have organized my brain and that I have tools to tackle this school year." 
--Alexandria B. from Southern Illinois
This was a virtual hug. Thank you.
--Christina D. 
A respite in the madness!
--Lenora M.
Thank you -- and my sanity thanks you, too.
All the teacher support pieces for leaders was incredibly helpful -- sharing examples from teachers who have found ways to make the shift, developing "patterns" or playlists so that your energy can be put into other parts of your job, beyond planning! Thanks so much.
--Pesha B. 
Thank you! Organizing the blocks of learning each day, has been the most helpful to me. It is something I can use right away! I also appreciate the resources and ideas you have shared as well as other educators in the chat! I agree with you about getting outside and how listening to the trees and your heartbeat helps the soul! I have pages of notes that will help me!
--Lori D. from West Virginia
100% immediately usable.
--Julia S. from mid-Missouri

This session was designed for folks who:

  • are familiar with Dave's work and want to go deeper; 
  • are not familiar at all with Dave's work but want a breakthrough in their practice;
  • are seeking encouragement amidst uncertainty or a sense of camaraderie during isolating times; and
  • are in charge of a classroom, a team, a school, or a system and want to do their work with the clarity and calm that can come with through the conviction that we're doing the right work.

Out of respect for my family and the time it takes me to research and develop high-quality PD, I do ask that you pay for access to this session. However, in light of the differing financial circumstances we all find ourselves in these days, I've made the webinar "Pay What You Want." Access is yours for as little as $1.

What is the suggested price?

$10 per person is the suggested price of this PD session. You will be gaining the choicest fruits of the thousands of hours I've put into researching, testing, and teaching a student motivation framework that has helped teachers and schools around the United States and the world. I think that's a bargain :)

Can I purchase access for my team, department, PLC, or school?

Yes, I would love that. Please select a price that suits your budget and that you believe is fair. Once you've paid, share the registration link with your teammates.

Is Dave going to look at how much I pay and judge me for the amount?

No. :) I've neither the inclination nor the time.

May I use a purchase order?

Yes. Email me at support@davestuartjr.com and I'll get you the documentation you need for initiating this process with your finance department.

What happens after I purchase?

You'll be forwarded to a page with links for accessing the recorded webinar, downloading or watching the video, and downloading or listening to the audio-only. I'll also send you an email with this information.

Will there a certificate for viewing the webinar?

Available upon request -- just email me with what you need: support@davestuartjr.com.

Why are you doing this?

My desire is to synthesize and share what I've learned as a teacher in 2020 (through my "classroom," through my reading, through my interaction with colleagues near and far). I want to make that thinking public so that it might be support the promotion long-term flourishing outcomes in and through our world's schools.

Thank you for your interest and support of this work.

This product is not currently for sale.

You'll get a link to the recorded session, plus an mp3 of the talk in case you'd like to listen on the go and the slides used in the talk in case you'd like to take a closer look at them.

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Ep. 04: Ten (Or So) Things That Are Helping Right Now

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