Ep. 05: We've Gone Remote: Here Are Ten (Or So) Things That Are Helping

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Join Dave Stuart Jr. in reflecting and growing, synthesizing and celebrating, and taking the work step by step during this most challenging of school years.

Dave spends two hours sharing insights (and practical, take-and-use applications) on an assortment of topics, including:

  • How I taught and reinforced classroom norms in Zoom on Day 1 in a warm but authoritative manner;
  • How I managed some (rather spectacular) misbehaviors during synchronous remote learning (remember, I teach ninth graders);
  • How I've approached teaching the election impartially (plus the one short book that has helped me morally engage with the various “languages of politics” predominant in American culture);
  • How I've remotified moments of genuine connection (this is working very well);
  • How the instructional model I shared last time handled the rapid transition from in-person to remote instruction;
  • What I'm learning about why my low-fluff, zero-flash approach to curriculum and instruction works (meaning: it doesn't seem to leave students disengaged or angry or bored);
  • What I do when students don't show up to synchronous class sessions (this is the top remote instruction question I receive from readers);
  • Why Mr. Rogers is on my mind a lot these days (the world's first remote instructor?) and how there's much to gain from thinking through his approach (even in a high school setting);

  • Why what passes for self-care and mindfulness PD seems a bit of an (unintentionally) unhelpful mishmash to me (and very practical methods for making it so much better);
  • How “urge surfing” is yielding me new insights into why I struggle with distraction (and giving me new progress, too);
  • Why most of the way I hear us talking about boundaries reminds me of sandcastles (when what we really need are the Himalayas).

And for every insight: 

  • practical, flexible application ideas that you can take and try in your own life and practice.

This session is designed for folks who:

  • are seeking encouragement amidst uncertainty or a sense of camaraderie during isolating times;
  • are in charge of a classroom, a team, a school, or a system and want to do their work with the clarity and calm that can come with through the conviction that we're doing the right work;
  • are familiar with Dave's work and want to go deeper; or

  • are not familiar at all with Dave's work but want a breakthrough in their practice;

When asked to describe the session in a single word: "Revitalizing... encouraging... humane... hopeful."

Alexandria B. from Southern Illinois said, "I am a second year teacher and [now] I feel like I have organized my brain and that I have tools to tackle this school year."

Christina D described it as "a virtual hug."

Lenora M. called the session "a respite in the madness!"

Connie said, "Thank you -- and my sanity thanks you, too."

Pesha B shared, "All the teacher support pieces for leaders was incredibly helpful -- sharing examples from teachers who have found ways to make the shift, developing "patterns" or playlists so that your energy can be put into other parts of your job, beyond planning! Thanks so much."

--Lori D. from West Virginia said, "Thank you! Organizing the blocks of learning each day, has been the most helpful to me. It is something I can use right away! I also appreciate the resources and ideas you have shared as well as other educators in the chat! I agree with you about getting outside and how listening to the trees and your heartbeat helps the soul! I have pages of notes that will help me!

Julia S. from mid-Missouri had this take: "100% immediately usable."

Out of respect for my family and the time it takes me to research and develop high-quality PD, I do ask that you pay for access to this session. However, in light of the differing financial circumstances we all find ourselves in these days, I've made the webinar "Pay What You Want." Access is yours for as little as $1.

What is the suggested price?

$10 per person is the suggested price of this PD session. You will be gaining the choicest fruits of the thousands of hours I've put into researching, testing, and teaching a student motivation framework that has helped teachers and schools around the United States and the world. I think that's a bargain :)

Can I purchase access for my team, department, PLC, or school?

Yes, I would love that. Please select a price that suits your budget and that you believe is fair. Once you've paid, share the registration link with your teammates.

Is Dave going to look at how much I pay and judge me for the amount?

No. :) I've neither the inclination nor the time.

May I use a purchase order?

Yes. Email me at support@davestuartjr.com and I'll get you the documentation you need for initiating this process with your finance department.

What happens after I purchase?

You'll receive a link via email with everything you need to access the recording.

Will there a certificate for viewing the webinar?

Available upon request -- just email us with what you need: support@davestuartjr.com.

Why are you doing this?

My desire is to synthesize what I've learned from emergency remote teaching (both with my own students and from hearing dozens of stories from colleagues like you) with what I already knew to be true about student motivation. I want to make that thinking public so that it might be optimally supportive of promoting long-term flourishing outcomes in our schools.

Thank you for your interest and support of this work.

This product is not currently for sale.

You'll get a recording of the session (video and audio-only formats), plus the slides.

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Ep. 05: We've Gone Remote: Here Are Ten (Or So) Things That Are Helping

2 ratings