Ep. 02: How to Build Strong Relationships with Students If You’re Starting the Year Online: Principles and Practices

Dave Stuart Jr.
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A webinar on humanizing online learning spaces and building strong teacher-student relationships from a distance.

Join Dave Stuart Jr. in this examination of grounding principles and sustainable practices upon which to build a successful and rewarding school year, despite the obstacles and challenges.

You'll gain:

  • A calming protocol to use when you find yourself overwhelmed by All the New and Huge Distance Learning Things You're Supposed to Know Now;
  • Dave's deepest insights and latest research around moments of genuine connection and how they work remotely;
  • Grounding principles for keeping relationships-building efforts properly situated in light of our biggest goals as teachers.
  • Practical strategies for keeping relationships work effective but efficient so that you're not selling your personal life in exchange for professional success.

This session will be designed for folks who:

  • are familiar with Dave's work in this area but want to go deeper;
  • have no idea who Dave is but want a single actionable, sustainable practice for building relationships from afar;
  • support or lead teachers and want to explore of Dave's whole-staff solutions might be a fit for your school or district.

Questions you might have

Why Dave?

Dave has led over 150 successful professional development experiences for teachers in over 35 states in the United States and Australia. His work is grounded in both active classroom practice -- he will have 120 students on his rosters for this fall -- and years of reading and synthesizing research across the disciplines. His bestselling book These 6 Things: How to Focus Your Teaching on What Matters Most is beloved by teachers in dozens of countries around the world.

Do I have to pay?

Out of respect for his family and the time it takes to research and develop high-quality PD, Dave does ask that you pay for access to this session. However, in light of the differing financial circumstances we all find ourselves in these days, he is happy to offer the webinar as "Pay What You Want." Access is yours for as little as $1.

What is the suggested price?

$10 per person is the suggested price of this PD session. You will be gaining the choicest fruits of the thousands of hours Dave has put into researching, testing, and teaching around this topic. He thinks that's a bargain :)

Can I purchase access for a group?

Yes. Please select a price that suits your budget and that you believe is fair to Dave. Once you've paid, copy the registration link from your browser and share it with your teammates.

Can I purchase access for my whole school or district?

If you'd like to offer this training to your whole school or district, contact Dave (support@davestuartjr.com) and he can quickly lay out the solutions he has developed for for this scale of service. If you're in a rush, let Dave know when you email and you can expect a 2-5 day turnaround time from the date of your initial inquiry to a delivered solution for your teachers.

Is Dave going to look at how much I pay and judge me for the amount?

No. :) He has neither the inclination nor the time.

May I use a purchase order?

Yes. Email Dave at support@davestuartjr.com and he'll get you the documentation you need for initiating this process. As soon as the process is initiated, Dave will send you a registration link so that you don't miss out.

What happens after I purchase?

You'll receive a link that will let you register for the webinar. This link lets you submit questions or topics in advance (if you'd like), view the webinar live, and watch a replay of the webinar.

What if I can't make it live?

No worries! The recording will post shortly after Dave concludes the event on Friday, August 7. If you'd like Dave to answer your question, be sure to submit it in advance -- you'll see a button for that once you register for the webinar.

Does this work for clock hours or continuing ed credits?

This depends on your state. Ask your human resource department. Dave is happy to send a certificate of completion by request -- just email support@davestuartjr.com after you have completed the webinar.

Why are you doing this?

Right now hundreds of thousands of educators are experiencing fear, anger, frustration, anxiety, apathy, and more. It is a cocktail of internal maladies. Dave wishes to remedy that, in himself and in any colleagues willing to attend this session, by reminding us of the work that matters most and how it applies to a distance learning setting.

Thank you for your interest and support of this work.

This product is not currently for sale.
  • You'll get a link to view the recording of Dave's webinar, which aired Friday, August 7 @ 1pm EST

  • You'll get a link to view the recording of Dave's webinar, which aired Friday, August 7 @ 1pm EST
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Ep. 02: How to Build Strong Relationships with Students If You’re Starting the Year Online: Principles and Practices

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